This website is the one I spent some time on and put together as my final project for the Creating Web Pages class that is being taught by Alfred Fichera. I have very little experience creating websites, so this was definately a bit more challenging then I thought the class would be, especially with my crazy work schedule. Although it was fun, and I might attempt to do some more HTML stuff possibly over the summer if I have time. I have some experience using flash to create a website, but even that is very limited to only learning what I need to know to make the website function as needed. But I am still struggling with CSS, so hopefully something will click and I will be able to understand it a little better.

  • The Home button takes you back to the CIS67 page.
  • The Exercise 1 button will take you to the first exercise I did for homework.
  • The Exercise 2 button will take you to my favorite exercise that we did throughout the semester.
  • The Exercise 3 button will take you to an articl comparing the Canon 24-70 to the 28-70
  • The My Photo Website button will take you to my flash based website which was my first atempt at Flash.
  • If interested in emailing me, just click HERE